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Tech Burner biography Friends, in today’s Isla Fisher video, we will talk about india’s steamy, spicy and funny tax channel’s owner tank burner but before starting the video, if you like the fan ideals of the tech  burner two, then let’s start with the birth of Shlok Srivastava three On December 1999, he was in a middle-class family in Delhi.

His father is a government employee and his mother is a housewife. Shlok is also a sister. I had loved gadgets since childhood, but their parents could not feed them with new gadgets. Their parents thought that if they focused on studies,it would be fine for them to go ahead and get admission in the country’s largest technology institute.

To clear the JE exam, he had joined coaching along with his tuition, but he also knew in his mind that it was very tough to get admission in IIT, so, even after a lot of hard work, his rank did not come so that he did not get good.

If he could be admitted to IIT, but the family wanted to see him become an engineer, so Shlok took his admission form in BTech Sriram Murthy i.e. SRVRC Chennai, where his confusion information technology and in the finali 2,008, he graduated from there. Tech Burner

The verses of the complete are an entrepreneur by profession and on YouTube, now let’s talk about this person’s career, when some people were in class tenth, they created their first YouTube channel where they used to make random videos related to technology.

He used to make his Windows in his father’s laptop in which there was not even a front camera, he used to record his voice from the built-in mic of the laptop and while recording the voice, the sound of the laptop’s fan was so loud that it was as if there was a helicopter. Tech Burner

Tech Burner Income, Lifestyle Full information

When the video used to show his friends, he used to say that all these things are not for you, you should not do all this, but they uploaded the videos in that channel for about a year so that they can buy a mi for themselves. By that time, he had earned about ninety dollars from YouTube and his hundred dollars for payment were just about to be completed, but there were three corporate strikes in the channel due to which his channel got terminated and after that he got very upset and there he was very upset and there he was on the other hand.

Admission to BTech was done in Chennai so he thought why not start afresh In college, he had learnt a lot of things related to technology in the first year itself, so he had on 30th June 2,014 under his name i.e. Shlok Srivastava. YouTube channel made For Personal Use Buta Science Side He was very interested in gadgets since childhood, so he created his own channel tech related to technology on September 26, 2014 and he used to even search how to become famous. Tech Burner

He started his videos with the best Indian PC billed video, but the specifications of the PC mentioned in that video became old after about a month and at the same time I was also a little misleading that video of his so make him private some videos of starting.

He was a very active student in college, he had also auditioned in acting during that time of college where his selection also became such a lead role, after which he got a chance to show his performance on stage in front of four thousand viewers. During the meantime, by mistake, the upper part of his mike fell in front of the chief guest and so his performance turned into a public disaster and he again went into depression even as his college friends said, “Brother, you leave all this, but they will stop.”

Where were they?

After that he started designing the poster, in other words, he started filling and at the same time he also joined the NGO to Educate, People About Transgender Engine, but he was not getting money in return for this work, after which he started selling the book.

He did not get success here either and his YouTube channel was not doing well enough so that he could earn well, so that at that time his content used to be in English because his winning friends in Chennai also She used to talk only in English, so she thought it was right to make her content inEnglish, after some of her savings and taking money from her father, she finally boughther DSLR camera for upgrade because of the lack of this content but proper setup. Tech Burner

Tech Burner setup

Windows sometimes make in Pakistan, sometimes in the parking lot because there were three places in his room so that he could record the videos properly and in the noise of the college, the video was not impossible, so he used to make short movies in the college, that is, he used to make such short movies in the college.

He also attended the YouTube Creator camp during that time to learn about Make in YouTube, Video and he also started playing football together. He did not tell his family about it when he told this to his friends, he said you do this job and when this new family came to know, the housemates were also very happy butt he told the family that he Don’t want to do a job, but want to make a full-time career on YouTube, everyone was in shock for their strange decision, their family and friends had convinced them a lot that along with the job, YouTube can also be done. Tech Burner

He felt right and he listened to his heart and took his decision, whether it was right or wrong, although he didn’t even have barely two thousand subscribers on YouTube at that time but he believed that he could do a lot on YouTube. He analysed that his VIDEO audience is watching, but does not enjoy much, so from April 2,018, he started making his content in Hindi so that he could talk to his audience openly in his own style.

His views dropped due to the change, but he did not stop, he then developed his contact by combining comedy and tank, which was really a unique idea, the way comedy and tax in his.

tank videos started to be liked by the audience a lot because he was the rest of the type channels. Apart from that, they were doing something new that the audience could easily connect with them because the audience Tech Burner

started seeing a friend and brother of theirs in them and after which they started showing their tech video in a creative way like checking the screen protection in the mobile.

A lot of people were attracted by this personality and humor of his, in two thousand twenty, his subscribers started to grow a lot and he also achieved a lot of milestones of YouTube. Along with being a business man, there is also a business man where he has a dedicated team of twenty people. 

Friends many people say that the technical guru on tax is better on YouTube than Guruji, what are your opinions about this, let us comment below and tell us now let’s tell you. Two hundred shlok’s parents and their families from the family of Milawate Attack Par you can see on their screen there is also the girlfriend of the flu, whose name is Sudha Bhardwaj. Apart from this, these are some of her family photos. Tech Burner

Now let’s talk, then tap and the income of any YouTube depends on a lot of different – different factors such as brand promotions, sponsorships and adsense, then how much is the exit location, we can’t tell you, but according to the usage, people every month You must have earned up to ten lakh rupees, now she is gone, who shows you her house, Shloka lives in Delhi with her family and in these photos and videos you can catch a glimpse of her house. Tech Burner

Tech Burner Car Special Collection’s

Now let’s talk about the special collections of this look, they have only one car named Tata Harrier and the price of this car is thirty lakh rupees. Recently he purchase a BMW x1

Tech Burner New BMW x1

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