Sourav Joshi Biography Age, Height, Education, Income 5 secrets

Sourav Joshi Biography Friends, if you like to watch videos on YouTube, then you must have seen the vlogs, if you like to watch Vlogs, then you must know Sourav Joshi and Piyush Joshi.

In today’s article, we will tell you about Sourav Joshi life story and his YouTube income, how much Sourav Joshi earns from his YouTube channel for a month.

He Upload his daily life video on YouTube channel and Saurabh Joshi is also an artist, so let’s know there are a lot of things related to Saurabh Joshi’s life friends Sourav Joshi was born on 8th September 1999 in Uttarakhand Dehradun Sourav Joshi was a Saurabh Joshi’s father used to work in a factory earlier, friends, since the time saurabh joshi started youtube, he has started earning money from youtube, his father has stopped doing this work.

The name of the mummy is Hema Joshi who is a housewife, you will see her in the vlog video, you must have seen her in the blog video, if you talk about the family of two hundred Joshi, then her uncle and aunt grandparents live in her family.

You must have seen Piyush Joshi because the reason behind Saurabh Joshi becoming famous on YouTube is piyush joshi somewhere. People like to see piyush joshi more, so if there is talk of family then how can you speak the audio. In every one of his videos in his video, you can see the logo video, friends are the name of the doggie of Oreo which is just like his family member friends, a lot of people know that Piyush Joshi and Saurabh Joshi are cousins, but today’s this is the name of this

Sourav Joshi Blogging Career Start

In this post, I want to tell you that Piyush Joshi is the son of Saurabh Joshi’s uncle, then his uncle has two children, a boy and a girl, as you all must have seen in the blog, then the name of saurabh joshi’s cousin is Sahil Joshi. At present Saurabh Joshi has shifted to Dehradun with his family and his uncle, aunt and grandparents live in the village.

Saurabh Joshi has been very fond of painting since childhood, Saurabh Joshi completed the twentieth after the tenth, after which he took admission in Bachelor of Fine Arts, then if saurabh joshi talks about youtube career? Saurabh Joshi came to YouTube and today has become india’s number one blogger.

Friends Saurabh Joshi had no idea anything about YouTube starting Saurabh Joshi’s brother Piyush Joshi told about Saurabh Joshi’s YouTube and he told you that you who He can also learn a lot of people through YouTube, when Saurabh Joshi’s brother told him that Saurabh Joshi came to YouTube, he had no intention of making money from YouTube. And he also wanted to learn that slowly the channel he had started growing a lot more, after that Saurabh Joshi started another channel of arts thats name is sourav Joshi vlogs

channel, which was by the name of Saurabh Joshi vlogs, but in the beginning, he had no one on it. Not too many people used to upload it, they were very active in it, in ten days a week, they used to upload a video in it, but when there was a lockdown in India for two thousand twenty, Saurabh Joshi promised himself that he was three.

He could not get out after the lockdown, after the lockdown, saurabh joshi happened who used to do everything in his life all day long, his family used to do everything he did and upload it on YouTube.

He also uploaded three hundred and sixty-five videos in three hundred and sixty-five days which he had promised himself, which is why he completed ten million scribes in just one year.

It has become very difficult to succeed on YouTube in today’s date, but Saurabh Joshi has become the number one blogger of India today due to his hard work and his regularity.

Life is very much liked, that is why people also like to watch their vlogs videos very much that you also watch their vlogs videos, you must tell us by commenting and telling us if Saurabh Joshi talks about the monthly income of YouTube, then Saurabh Joshi will also like to see his YouTube How much you earn from the

channel or you will be surprised to know because friends, it has become very easy to earn money from social media in today’s date, a lot of people are earning millions of crores of rupees through social media YouTube.

Sourav Joshi Monthly income Youtube And Other Sources Reveal

Sourav Joshi Income

About the income of sourabh joshi also talk about his youtube income from the youtube channel of his head, how much he earns from the youtube channel, then you earn from seventy to eighty lakh rupees of the month, if you believe a lot of reports. So you also earn up to crores of rupees of the month, by the way you knew this thing, if you did not know, then please comment and tell you that then talk about the bike collection.

due to Saurabh Joshi, then Sourav Joshi has an Innova Creta and he recently If you talk about the bike collection, then after Saurabh Joshi, there is a team two hundred and his brother Sahil Joshi has ktm thi ninety, so there is not much to tell about Saurabh Joshi because Anyone who watches Saurabh Joshi’s video knows everything about him because Saurabh Joshi tells people about his own life. in Windows and records everything he does in his daily life and puts it on his YouTube videos.

So, people like to watch a lot and because of this, Saurabh Joshi earns a lot of money for the month, then i Hope you will like the story, then please like the post, man, and you can decorate us for the good story.

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