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Phunsukh wangdu Biography Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the person who is very genius but is using his talent for the society, his life-inspired film has also been made, which is called 3 Idiots Aamir Khan played the role of Ranchhoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad whose real name was Phungus Bangroo.

First if you see the Movie his name is three idiots then follow our official page so if you see the movie then you easily understand the story of Ranchhoddas chanchad he is a science student and a great story about his family, lifestyle and studies so read this post start to end this post is really inspired you and motivated you.

Phunsukh wangdu Solar Mobile Camp

 This character of Phunsukh wangdu Bangaru whose name is inspired by sonam wangchuk very often This is what people keep asking me, your school is a three-idiot school, if you hear, I want to say, ‘No, I am Not Phunsuk Wangdu, I am Sonam Wangchuk and I don’t do some work in life, not in films in dreams.

Solar Mobile Camp

Recently phunsukh wangdu invent a Solar mobile tant this is the great invention and best for the invirment of Ladakh and leh and the price of this mobile Solar tant system is very sufficient for the Every people and orther country like china Japan is also give him offers to work with him in his company but phunsukh wangdu is not ready because he not want to work for other countries he want to work in his own country India this is the very good pleaser for us we have this type of peaple have in our country.

Sonam Wangchuk’s own Sonam has recently released a video in which she has talked about biking Chinese goods, she has told that china has to fight with wallets and not bullets.

It is happening and it has been viewed 30, million times on YouTube, if you have not seen this video, then you will find the link of the video in the post below.

Who does what, why would you take such a special look? On every aspect, you stay tuned till the end of the video, so friend Sonam Wangchuk was born in 1966, her father’s name in Leh district of Ladakh is Sonam Wangyal who is a politician and has also been a minister of state till the age of nine.

phunsukh wangdu did not go to school because the education system of Leh was not good. By the age of nine, he received his early education from his mother. At the age of nine, Sonam Wangchuk enrolled in a school in Srinagar where she was very much able to learn because of the language Troubled at the age of eleven, he went to Delhi alone and told the principal of the special Kendriya Vidyalaya that Sonam then studied in her own way and cleared the exam of AI triple.

At the age of twenty-one, he completed his mechanical engineering studies at the age of twenty-one from RC Srinagar, he did his entire education because his father spent on him.

His father wanted phunsukh wangdu to have her intentions fixed when she came to politics. Sonam had gone to France in 2,011 and studied architecture.

He put his talent for smart improvement, it was a big deal to complete his engineering studies in nineteen hundred and seventy-seven. He was the first to go abroad and develop his area instead of earning dollars. He built a school run on solar energy because the temperature here is always in minus and the school is not just about everyone, in this school there is not only books but also applied education. From studies to cooking, farming and learning all the ways of society that enable them to move forward in life,the children lying here are now working in a very big position.

The Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh is an NGO started by Sonam Wangchuk

The Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh is an NGO started by Sonam Wangchuk and as a result of this, ladakh’s literacy rate in nineteen hundred fifty five was below fourteen percent.

If we talk about his career, from nineteen hundred and ninety-three to two thousand five, there were vehicle chowks and the editor of Lone which was three magazines from Ladakh

and it was started by phunsukh wangdu from two thousand seven. Mang Chowk till 2,000 100 Mang Chowk has been an educational advisor of a Danish NGO. This denmark is the best NGO that works for education reform in Nepal.

Phunsukh wangdu started the Ladakh project from the farm in which tourists live with the local family of Lagda and know them closely phunsukh wangdu life has been full of very conflicting achievements. A film has been made on them,

their achievements can’t be summed up in a video, we request you to do research about them and get to know them in a better way.

In India and we are unaware to share this video as much as possible so that people are more and more friends associated with them, how did you like the post?

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Phunsukh wangdu Success Story and Biography

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