Mahatmaji Technical – Amresh bharti Biography Age, Height

Amresh bharti Biography Hello friends, there are one-to-one maharathi on YouTube, who often entertain and give us knowledge with their videos, but there are some YouTubers who give knowledge as well as motivation.

But we will talk about a YouTuber and a business coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur and i hope you know about this man his name is Amresh Bharti ( Mahatama ji technical ) youtube channel he is not just a youtuber he is started is own foundation called Mahatma ji technical.

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So let’s start to talk about Mahatma ji technical.

In the month seventeen days, the one got the subscribers had touched, they have expressed the definition of YouTube Video Creation in a slightly different way, they have given motivation to the people from Mahatma Ji Technical Channel, as well as youTubers from the Creator channel in the.

This is the only YouTuber who is moving towards a subscriber to get five today by earning the fastest subscriber, people like the way to make their videos a lot and people often like to see their videos.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you some things related to his life, so let’s start friends, friends Amresh Bharti ji was born on 5th December, nineteen hundred and seventeen.

After that, his father came to the city with his family where his father used to do a driving job and first of all he had to face the electricity problem.

Because the electricity situation was bad where the English lived, for about three years they spent without electricity, they say that there was a better situation than here in their village where there was no problem of electricity.

But in the city, they were surprised because here they got to see books like Science and Social Science in English in a private school, only after that they went to the government school to take admission where they had to take admission in the seventh standard again because the government They had failed the test conducted for class VIII in the school.

In the same way, all the boys in the city are doing different kinds of things, someone was learning dancing, then some singers were so talented that on seeing them, they used to be confident at once and say that they can also learn it easily and They also used to do a lot of kashish on their behalf, after their marriage, they had to see many difficulties. 

When they were only in the eleventh grade, they got married. Decided and thought that one day I will definitely make a success, he studied hard and at the same time started giving tuitions.

By the way, they were teachers, but suddenly one day on the suggestion of a student, they made their own channel on YouTube. On seeing it, they got a hundred hundred thousand news in just fifteen days and on the same day they took a pledge to complete one lakh subscribers in a year, but what about them. Knew that this million dream would turn into one millions.

friends, they had received the Van Vinay edition in just ten months seventeen days, which is also a record.

They also got the love of teenagers, they have also contributed to the social work, they have gained millions of views on Facebook videos and today they are fast moving towards five million subscribers.

They often forgot to wear masks while recording, they always made videos by doing hard research. In the present time, they have to share technical knowledge to YouTubers by their other channels. It took place in Delhi on July 2,007 and the second makeup took place in Kolkata on August 2,000.

The phone call was also invited by YouTube to fans Today Amresh has motivated millions of people and shown them a new path, we hope you must have liked mahatma ji technical’s success story and amresh bharti’s love story we wish that amresh continues like this and in the end, amresh

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