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Hello friends, the story of the life of a great motivational speaker and business coach Dr. Vivek Bindra is going to know in this video Dr. Vivek Bindra is a successful professional business coach and motivational speaker on YouTube at the present time. And he is also have a own company Badabusiness.com

He is the founder and CEO of Bada business.com and the earnings of Vivek Bindra from youtube are 5% of his Networth and the Dr Vivek Bindra main earning source is his business Programs.

Dr. Vivek Bindra has a huge fan following on social media platforms. Dr. Vivek Bindra has achieved a big achievement in a very short time and has made big business leaders go crazy.

In today’s time, Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known name of the Indian business industry and is a face. Dr. Vivek Bindra’s full name is Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is born on April 5, 1988, he is the birthplace of New Delhi India is his education MBA.

And MBA has been their domain. YouTuber Business Coach and Motivational Speaker Friends Doctor If we talk about the initial lifestyle of a monkey, then the doctor Vivek was born on April 5, 1988 in Delhi, India.

His father passed away since he was only about two-and-a-half years old and after his death, his mother got married for the second time if Dr. Vivek Bindra Sarkar talked about education. Vivekananda’s life is inspirational. The way he went out and grew the business is a source ofinspiration for every human being. He did his early education from a normal school like a small and ordinary child.

After getting a BBA degree in 2,001, Dr. Bindra chose Amity Business College in Noida, Uttar Pradesh for mba studies in this college he completed an MBA from about two thousand one to beautiful five i.e. To talk about Dr. Bindra in the present time eat a successful businessman, YouTuber, YouTube Creator, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Accounts I hope that friends you will also be well acquainted with his success, but friends we are going to talk further and the success of Dr. Vivek Bindra.

About the story of Dr. Vivek Bindra completed his MBA in 2,005, after which he has developed himself as a corporate consultant and business coach by not doing a job and working as a consultant and business trainer of big companies.

During this time period, Dr. Bindra sir had learn all the stakes of the business world. It is also very important to take big decisions and to do something big, it is also necessary to reach out to every person associated with the big business world for this, he chose social media and in the year 2013 by the name of Dr Vivek Bindra Motivational Speaker.

On this YouTube channel, he started uploading motivational and business related videos, but in two thousand thirteen his growth on YouTube was not equal to friends there are some reasons for this which we are going to discuss next. Most of his videos were in English which was a big problem for the Indian audience. By theend of the year 2,016, Dr. Vivek Bindra sir had understood that if he had to reach the Indian audience or the Indian people, then the videos had to be made in the Hindi.

Just like he started Hindi video, his video started going viral on Facebook on WhatsApp, etc., and seeing Dr. Bindra sir, not only india’s but also the world’s largest.He also became the owner of the Business Training YouTube channel.

The strong success in no time and the love received by the audience made him a better and responsible person. Dr. Bindra sir started a business panel training program targeting his YouTube audience and keeping in mind the problems of small traders. And because of the problem-solving attitude, his concert which became popular and at the present time also

has all his seminar trees. Dr. Bindra Sir charges one and a half lakh rupees on the training of the person through the business panel program if you have business related qualities or business related art.

If you want to learn for free, then you can see Dr. Bindra sir’s YouTube, Video, which is provided absolutely free. Dr. Vivek sir says that if you want to get success in a short time then work on the problem solving idea, success in no time.

If you talk about the income of Dr. Vivek Bindra, then Dr. Vivek Bindra Sir ji started a channel on YouTube on 6th September 2013, under the name of Dr. Vivek Bindra Motivational Speaker.

According to some estimated figures, in two thousand eighteen, about two to two and a half lakh monthly income from this channel was earning, which was increasing with time and along with these, the big company used to make big big business advisors.

There is also a lot of money for which he also charges a good amount of money from these companies. Friends Dr. Vivek Bindra sir has also been awarded many awards, which include national and international awards.

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