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CarryMinati Biography Friends say that there is a lot of failures behind success and there has been some similar story.

I am saying this because until before that, there has hardly been any work on such content in India, although it is not at all that carryminati has tried something for the first time and they succeeded.

All the failures have been suffered and about all these things you will go to this video further in this video, but at the moment, the carryminati i.e. azaan if you are in a lot of discussion for the stock on Resent video YouTube because this video of theirs has not known how many records have been broken.

And we are going to discuss this also further, but let’s know for now that at the age of twenty-one, the carry minati, which touched many heights, i.e. the whole story of the house

that how Ajani had to go to her career to become a YouTuber. put at stake So friends, this story begins on June 12, 1999, when Ajay was born in a Gurjar family in Faridabad district of Haryana, he has an elder brother in his house besides his parents who works as a guitar S. And if you talk about Ajay Nagar’s early studies, he did his schooling from Delhi Public School, although he did not feel like writing at all and at the age of ten or eleven, he made his own channel on YouTube.

But there used to be different types of videos uploaded like sometimes a football trick, sometimes he would put a recording of video games on the channel itself and his friends used to feel a lot of interest in all these works except for the writing of studies, although this two-three years He did not get any good response on this channel created by the name of the name and by that time none of his videos had more than five hundred views, in fact, the main reason for this was that due to being very young in age,

people did not get much attention to him. But friends Ajay thought at such a young age that he had to do something big on YouTube and that is why even after failing a channel, he created a new channel at the age of fifteen, which Carry named Addicted Seven.

And here too he used to do gaming but at the same time he also started doing funny commentary as if he used to do mimicry of many Bollywood stars like Sunny Deol and Hrithik Roshan, although after a lot of hard work, Carrie did two years.

He uploaded about one hundred and fifty videos on his channel but in the end it was explained that people used to come less to see the gameplay of carryminati  but more to listen to his funny commentary and that is why Ajay changed the name of his channel to Khairi Deval.

And now Ajay Nagar used to do the gameplay on his channel as well as the roasting of the little artist. Actually, this idea was probably taken from the content he was already running abroad, but in India it was completely new and that is why people carry.

Although the friends were also liking The Carrie’s channel got the most popularity when they were becoming famous at the time, they posted one bomb on your channel on YouTube.

CarryMinati Youtube Career And Lifestyle


His popularity was growing very fast and then after gathering courage when Carrie did the roasting of Baby, then this video also got millions of views in a few days and now this channel of Ajay Nagar started growing very fast and friends, that was the time.

When Ajay changed the name of his channel to Carryminati for the last time and then later when the carrie became a little successful, he also started doing face work and now he used to make people laugh with his different kinds of expressions, however.

Amidst all these things, he had forgotten to accept his studies and that is why he left his schooling just before the twelve exam and then continued his studies from open school.

Although friends, in the fashion of carryminati, their parents gave them full support and perhaps because of them, carryminati  is standing at this point today, although friends

say problems in the path to success, they leave with them because of being made on people daily, many on their channel.

There is also a bar strike and at one time it was such that due to the three strikes coming together, their channel was also in danger,

however, anyway, the carryminati could come out of these problems and it is said that now he took the permission of most of the roasting people.

How much truth is there in this now?

She is saying it herself, but it is a fact that no one has been able to come ahead of her in the past many years in the roasting and at the moment, there have been around fifteen million subscribers on her channel and when you are watching this video, maybe this figure.

It must have gone even further, however, apart from this, they also play the game on another channel called carryminati Marriage Life and there also the number of their subscribers is around five million.

However friends, let’s now talk about the video of the title of YouTubers TikTok 

Youtube Vs Tiktok

which has been uploaded just a few years ago on The Carrie’s channel and friends, when Aamir Siddiqui ofTik Tok challenged youtubers and showed them their place, then The carry also took on AamirSiddiqui and then made a roast video on Aamir, however, the video became so popular that itbroke a lot of records from YouTube itself as if it was created by the individual creator of India.

The video became the fastest to get one million likes in just two hours, apart from this, the figure of five million likes was also achieved in just five hours and friends now this video of carryminati was the most in the history of India.

The video has become more likes because earlier this record was currently with a song named which currently has 6.6 million likes, but the camera video has now got more than 8.5 million likes as well as YouTubers, TikTok Due to the video, Carry took the forest nearly in twenty-four hours.

Point three million subscribers of the game which is the first time that it has happened with any channel in the whole world and friends are still engaged in breaking a lot of records even further, although friends, in the end, I just want to say that the fan following of Carryminati is theirs.

There is a testimony to the success and The Life of Carry also teaches us that if you want to water anything from the heart, then they are right for you sooner but they are sure to give you the hope that this story of carryminati i.e. Ajay Nagar will definitely tell you that liked. Thank you very much for giving you valuable time.

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