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Arvind Arora biography Friends, in today’s post, we are going to talk about A2 Motivation, you all know them and you must have seen their short video, but today’s videos are going to done by us like their lifestyle, life story, biography, Who is the car house family, income education and his wife and how many lakhs of rupees they earn from their YouTube in a month and in two thousand twenty-one, their network has become so many crores of rupees, so you will be stunned to know that then friends daughter tomorrow till today.

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About the real name, their real name is arvind Arora and Nick is the name Arvind to Motivation. Most of them know by the name of A2 Motivation Professions are a teacher, motivational speaker am it is also a youtuber, if they talk about their date of birth, then their date of birth is The date of birth is Twenty-eight September nineteen hundred eighty-eight and two thousand twenty-one, they have reached their age according to thirty-three years.

If they talk about their place of birth, then their place of birth is Rajasthan Suite now talks about their education qualification, then Arvind has said. He has studied in his college from this kit college Jaipur and his education qualificationis Bachelor of Engineering Arvind Arora has taken a degree in electronic engineering, 

Now let’s talk about his career.

Then you people will tell arvind started his real career in 2,002 when he left His Rajasthan to study in Jaipur College. Arvind completed his

electronic engineering at this Kit College in Jaipur. Arvind Arora then ran a teaching job coaching class for a few years but he had to do something big in life and make some achievements, then Arvind Arora opened his YouTube channel on April 7, 2,017 and, which you have to do in the name of One To Motivation.

Let’s know that A to Sir used to upload ideal videos on his channel earlier, such as blocks, unboxing reviews, information and technology used to upload related videos, but he could not get any special response from here, but Arvind ji still did not give up.

They kept uploading the videos and after a few buildings, they started uploading short fact videos and here also at least a hundred to two hundred videos who uploaded but still they could not get any special response but Arvind Arora did not give up.

He struggled and uploaded videos on videos, then later a lot of his videos started going viral, due to which his subscribers started growing very fast and if we talk about his channel today, then today on his channel, involves on his channel. More than thirteen million subscribers have lost points and it has also become the

number one shots category channel of the word, apart from this, Arvind and his three or four channels are now talking about his family, then his mother within his family has also become the channel of his Father, he has a brother and two sisters. If you talk about these Kerala Shashi Traders, then you people tell me, Arvind Arora has got married and his wife’s name is Jagriti Arora.

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Let’s take a look at their car collection, which car show they have, then the number first comes up, Jaguar 100, The price of The Afs Zeiss is seventy-six, lakhs of rupees and they also have land rover discovery sport, which is worth twenty-five, lakhs of rupees.

Let me tell you guys where Arvind Arora lives?

Arvind Arora lives in Bangalore Karnataka’s India and as can be accounted for in these photos, the price of his house is two point five, crore rupees i.e. two crore fifty lakh rupees which is the dream of the people nowadays and he has tosimplify so much.

After this house has taken its own name, now let’s talk about Arvind Arora’s mind network, you people tell you people if they talk about their monthly income, then Arvind Arora’s monthly income on monthly would have been seventy to eighty thousand dollars. Which is close to fifty to seventy lakh rupees in our Indian Rupees because they have a lot of channels where theyupload videos and unlock money, apart from this, it also does spauses and si which you knowby the name of advertising.

And they also have an Instagram account, they also advertise here and earn a lot of money from here and if we talk about their network, then on their net, it has been 2,002 in 3 million US dollars, which is our There are equivalents to twenty-two crore rupees in Indian rupees, now you are thinking from where and how to earn so much money, we will tell you that even if they earn so much money, then let us tell you that the first of them, sir, comes to the same YouTube channel number two, their investment to Arvind and many of their own.

He has also invested his money in companies, from where he earns a good amount of money and Arvind Arora has also invested his money in a lot of real estate, from here he also earns a lot of money, so his leadership has become twenty-two, crore rupees today.

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Arvind Arora ( A2 Motivation ) Success Story and Biography

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