Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah) family & More biography

Physics Wallah biography Let’s friends, are you also preparing for medical and engineering or thinking about preparing.

So i think this video is going to be very useful for you, yes friends, if you are studying medicine, thinking about it, studying engineering, thinking about it, then let us tell you that today you are studying physics.

You should know about alakh sir and if you already know his life story, then you are going to have a lot of fun knowing his life story. Yes, friends,

so let’s start and know who is the physics wala sir so friends, as we all know.

We have given us a lot of tutors and teachers in the world of YouTube, which is very best and in the quid period, because of YouTube, they have emerged even more because of YouTube.

Friends, they teach physics and chemistry in such a private way that not only does it make sense to the student, but friends, let us tell you that these increase things in the student’s mind.

They currently have three million subscribers on YouTube, yes, friends, but their journey was not so easy, so let’s know how this journey of theirs started, so let us first tell you that their real life name is alakh Pandey. And the nick name they have, by whose name or by the name of Jesus they are known in the society, is it the physics?

Yes, friends, they are known because of physics, so they have their name with physics and perhaps because of physics, they are known. They were born on October 2, 1991 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

Physics Wallah

The schooling is completed from Twenty-two hundred Johnson School, Allahabad, let us tell you that the condition of their friends, their family was not very good, they are very poor, they have a mother in their family and they also have a sister when they did their studies i.e. After completing the schooling which is, he had to shift to Kalindipuram due to poverty and at the same time he also started coaching, because he wanted to become an engineer, so he started coaching but he felt that it was easier to bear the cost of coaching.

There is no work and they understood that the coaching which is very much is sixty-one district because Allready was very poor, so in such a situation, the experience of a coaching was not very difficult for them, so they started doing self-studies on their own and tell you.

Let’s say that during the same time of his sir study, he understood that the engineering that we did, the coaching of the medical studies that we do is easy, so he started a YouTube channel to help and others.

Let us tell you that it used to happen that after working hard for hours, we used to upload a video and after that, only two lines were eaten in that video.

Yes, friends, today there were so many millions on each video on this. You go, there are a lot of millions of likes, there was a time when they used to get only two likes, yes, friends, the two likes that used to come on this channel, they used to come on their video, one of their own and one of their sister, then their YouTube is known.

What was was very difficult and even today they tell that even today it is not easy, even today they have three million subscribers, but they also take six hours to shoot a video of forty-five to thirty minutes to shoot a video.

And in this month you all know that if you upload at least twenty to twenty-five videos, think how much hard work they will do at the same time, but let me tell you that gradually their journey has moved forward, people started joining them and slowly gradually. Those who were associated with them especially because of physics and chemistry, they have a special style of teaching, and at the same time, they motivate the students in the same way as Jesus, they arenot very unique.

Let us tell you about friends, don’t you have their hobbies?

It is reading, writing and travelling and apart from this, let us tell you that it is not only famous in India but there are a lot of countries outside India, it is also very famous in countries like Nepal, Bhutan and also Pakistan because thepeople there understand Hindi .So because of this, those countries are also very famous,

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if we talk about their marital status, because we have already told you about their family, then let us tell you that if you talk about the marital status, then we will tell you that if you talk about the marital status, then They are single, unmarried and if we talk about their ning then friends are turning on about two to two and a half, lakhs of rupees from youtube on this month and they have a lot of coaching institutes or a lotof offers from there also, but they have students.

It has been clearly said that he will never cheat them, will never switch them, i.e., they will not leave YouTube, they will always help the student who is stuck with the problem in their own way and that is why you will make youtube its own platform and teach it there, then the best way.

It is a matter of fact that even in such a difficult time, there are so many good people who are still working hard, who have not improved the lives of others through the struggle of their life.

The squad and its price is about eight lakh rupees, so hope you have been very nice to meet our physique wala sir through this video of ours, so please comment and tell you how did you get alakh Pandey sir?

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